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Here it is! ^_^ our plans on the first community we’ll be building~

Creating N Light Church New Jerusalem: •Develop Land, Spiritual Community and Wholeness Retreat applying Sustainable Living practices
•Sacred Geometry as a Guidepost for Land development
•Build Six EarthBag Dome Living Centers, inLign with Metatrons Cube and Fruit of Life, for N Light Church Ambassadors and Chosen Members
•Build One EarthBag Ceremonial Temple in Center of Six Living Centers, inLign with Metatrons Cube and Fruit of LIfe, for Teaching, Yoga, Group Meditation and other Events
•Build One EarthBag mulit-Being Living Center to accommodate Seekers and Members of Wholeness Retreat
•Three, Five and Seven Day Full Immersion Wholeness Retreats
•Build One Decagon GreenHouse to House Organic Aquaponics
•Design and Plant Organic Permaculture Garden
•Build One EarthBag OutDoor Amphitheater, inLign with Fruit of LIfe, for True Expression of Voice, Music, Play and Transformational Festivals
•Solar Panels to Supply Energy, Via the Sun, for Living Community
•Document entire Journey and Development with video, and Create a Path of Duplication for other Communities

We will be looking for further assistance in a couple months, when we begin to build the healing temples~ (: if you are feeling a call to create homes from nature, to assist others in being all of that which they are, be a yogi, indulge in meditation, natural healing, create transformative festivals, interested in sacred geometry, sacred wisdom, ancient teachings, tropical living, conscious living, …& everything more, then this is such a grand opportunity for you brothers & sistars. We are also looking for beings to contribute with resources in our mission! 😊🙏💚 To donate, visit: http://nlightchurch.org/donate ~please email me if you wish to assist us in our journey as well! luna@nlightchurch.org 😁💜💕

Asperatus clouds over New Zealand 
Photo credit: Witta Priester

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